All the new augments in TFT 7.5
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The new mid-set update for the Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands expansion has officially been revealed. Upcomer is here to show you all the new things we got to explore during an exclusive playtest. There might not be a mind-blowing amount of new augments coming to TFT in the new update, but there are still some very cool new augments that players will want to check out. Here is a complete list of all the new augments in TFT 7.5 (note: these were just the augments available during the playtest period and are subject to change or removal.):

Silver Augments

Lagoon Heart Your team counts as having 1 additional Lagoon. Gain a Kai’Sa.
Darkflight Heart Your team counts as having 1 additional Darkflight. Gain an Aphelios.
Soul Siphon Darkflights benefit from the top-most trait of the sacrificed unit. This does not increase the trait count for that trait.

Gold Augments

Birthday Present Gain a 2-star champion every time you level up. The champion’s tier is your level minus 4 (min: Tier 1).
Scoped Weapons I Your units that start combat in the back 2 rows gain +2 Attack Range and 15% Attack Speed.
Protectors of the Cosmos Combat start: Your team gains a 30 Health shield for every item component equipped on an Astral Champion, including those that are part of a full item. Gain a Lux.
Darkflight Crest Gain a Darkflight Emblem and a Rell.
Dragon Imperialist If you only have 1 Dragon, Dragons execute enemies they damage who are below 25% Health. Gain a Nomsy.
Dragonmancer Conference After combat with a player, a random Dragonmancer appears on your bench. Gain a Kai’sa.
Hero-In-Training The Dragonmancer nearest to the Dragonmancer Hero gains 50% of the Dragonmancer trait’s bonuses. Gain a Sett.
Lagoon Crest Gain a Lagoon Emblem and a Zac.
High Tide Until they cast 2 times, Lagoon champions have 30% reduced Attack Speed but gain 12 Mana per second. Gain a Kai’sa.
Oasis When Lagoon champions gain a shield, they remove all negative effects on themselves and heal for 20% of their missing Health.
Essence Theft Mages’ attacks drain 8 Mana from their target and gain half of the drained Mana. Gain a Lux.
Base Camp Scalescorns gain 8% damage each time they start combat in the same hex, stacking up to 4 times. Gain a Lillia.
Terrify Your units take 15% less damage from enemies shrunken by Whispers champions. Gain a Sylas.

Prismatic Augments

Lucky Gloves Thief’s Gloves will always give your champions items that they can use well. Gain a Thief’s Gloves.
Woodland Charm Your highest Health champion is cloned. Clones cannot hold items.
Scoped Weapons II Your units that start combat in the back 2 rows gain infinite Attack Range and 25% Attack Speed.
Part-Time Assassins The Assassin trait grants its bonuses to your champions that start combat in the back 2 rows. This does not increase your number of Assassins. Gain a Kayn.
Darkflight Crown Gain a Darkflight Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and an Rengar.
Age of Dragons If you only have Dragons, every 5th attack from a Dragon fires a Dragonsoul blast that deals magic damage equal to 15% of their target’s max Health. Gain a Nomsy, Zippy, and a random Tier 4 Dragon.
Dragon Soul Your team counts as having 1 additional Dragon. Gain a Zippy.
Lagoon Crown Gain a Lagoon Emblem, a Spear of Shojin and a Zeri.
Ragewing Soul Your team counts as having 1 additional Ragewing. Gain a Guinsoo’s Rageblade and a Rakan.

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