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Since their introduction to the series in Tekken 5, in-game rankings have been a way for players to express their skill level and match up against similarly-skilled opponents. Tekken 7 is no exception, giving players the opportunity to climb through nearly 50 unique ranks.

With the launch of Tekken 8 on the horizon, there is no better time than now for players to start practicing their Tekken 7 skills so they can start rising to the top of online play. Here’s everything to know about all Tekken 7 ranks and how the ranked system works.

All Tekken 7 ranks

Kunimitsu in Tekken 7
Kunimitsu lands an attack in Tekken 7. | Provided by Bandai Namco

In total, there are 47 ranks that players can achieve in the latest Tekken game. The ranks are further split into 11 different tiers. These tiers are usually marked by a specific color. In addition, ranks within a specific tier tend to share a theme, such as humans, beasts, gods and kings.

The breakdown of all Tekken 7 ranks and tiers is as follows:

  • Brown
    • Beginner
    • 9th Kyu
    • 8th Kyu
    • 7th Kyu
    • 6th Kyu
    • 5th Kyu
    • 4th Kyu
    • 3rd Kyu
    • 2nd Kyu
    • 1st Kyu
  • Silver
    • 1st Dan
    • 2nd Dan
    • 3rd Dan
  • Light Blue
    • 4th Dan – Initiate
    • 5th Dan – Mentor
    • 6th Dan – Expert
    • 7th Dan – Grand Master
  • Green
    • 8th Dan – Brawler
    • 9th Dan – Marauder
    • 10th Dan – Fighter
    • 11th Dan – Vanguard
  • Yellow
    • 12th Dan – Warrior
    • 13th Dan – Vindicator
    • 14th Dan – Juggernaut
    • 15th Dan – Usurper
  • Orange
    • 16th Dan – Vanquisher
    • 17th Dan – Destroyer
    • 18th Dan – Savior
    • 19th Dan – Overlord
  • Red
    • 20th Dan – Genbu
    • 21st Dan – Byakko
    • 22nd Dan – Seiryu
    • 23rd Dan – Suzaku
  • Ruler
    • 24th Dan – Mighty Ruler
    • 25th Dan – Revered Ruler
    • 26th Dan – Divine Ruler
    • 27th Dan – Eternal Ruler
  • Blue
    • 28th Dan – Fujin
    • 29th Dan – Raijin
    • 30th Dan – Yaksa
    • 31st Dan – Ryujin
  • Purple
    • 32nd Dan – Emperor
    • 33rd Dan – Tekken King
  • Gold
    • 34th Dan – Tekken God
    • 35th Dan – True Tekken God
    • 100th Dan – Tekken God Prime
    • 765th Dan – Tekken God Omega

How ranking up works

Lidia in Tekken 7
Lidia prepares to fight. | Provided by Bandai Namco

As players look to conquer all the Tekken 7 ranks, it’s important to note that the ranks marked with “Dan” in their names are the most relevant. When anyone plays their first match online, they will automatically start with the 1st Dan rank. Only by losing matches and demoting can players drop into the Brown tier.

In addition, characters rank up on a character-by-character basis. This means that your main will likely be a higher rank than a character you’ve never played. However, the system still recognizes skilled players and automatically ranks up characters even if you don’t play them.

Early on, a player’s non-main characters will generally be a full tier behind the player’s highest-ranked character. However, the gaps between characters become larger toward the higher end of the ranks list. In addition, characters will not rank up automatically if you have played and been demoted as them.

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