All pre-order bonuses for Skull and Bones
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Skull and Bones is finally releasing on Feb. 16 after years of delays, and you can pre-order two different editions of the game.

The first edition is the Standard Edition for $60, which comes with the base game along with some pre-order bonuses if you decide to purchase early. Then, there’s the Premium Edition for $90, which has several other bonuses including the same pre-order rewards you get from the Standard Edition. If you want to see exactly what your money is buying when you pre-order either edition of Skull and Bones, check out the guide below.

Skull and Bones editions and pre-order bonuses

Image via Ubisoft

The Standard Edition of Skull and Bones only comes with one pre-order bonus, being the Highness of the High Sea Pack. You can see what the Highness of the High Sea Pack comes with along with every pre-order bonus in Skull and Bones:

  • Highness of the High Sea Pack – Notoriety Garb, Coronation Firework (Any Edition)
  • 3 days early access (Premium Edition)
  • Premium Bonus Pack – Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection (includes Bloody Bones Captain Outfit and Ashen Corsair Ship Set) (Premium Edition)
  • 2 extra missions (Premium Edition)
  • Digital art book and game soundtrack (Premium Edition)
  • Smuggler Pass Token – Can be used to unlock a season’s premium Battle Pass (Premium Edition)

Those are all of the pre-order bonuses for Skull and Bones. You can choose to pre-order on Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games Store if you’re on PC while console players can pre-order from their system’s marketplace.

If you want the Premium Edition of Skull and Bones for cheap, you can also subscribe to Ubisoft+, a subscription service that grants you access to a library of over 100 titles (mostly Ubisoft games). Ubisoft+ costs $17.99 per month and grants you immediate access to the Premium Edition of Skull and Bones, which also means you get three days of early access starting on Feb. 13. It’s a solid deal if you plan on playing a lot of Skull and Bones, but perhaps not for someone on the fence with the game.

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Of course, you can always cancel your subscription after one month if you don’t like Skull and Bones and it won’t cost you nearly as much as buying the game outright.

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