All Mount Armor in Diablo 4 & how to get them
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While you don’t get your mount until you reach Act 4 of Diablo 4, they still play an essential role in the game. For starters, they are simply the easiest way to travel between quests and other objectives. Also, mounts also have some of the rarest drops in Diablo 4 in the form of Mount Armor.

Mount Armor is exceedingly rare and is the equivalent of a unique drop (at least it seems like it). All Mount Armor does is give your horse some new cosmetics that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. However, there are 20 different kinds of Mount Armor available in Diablo 4, meaning that you will be searching for quite a long time to acquire them all.

In order to make that process easier, I have compiled a list of all of the available Mount Armor and described how to get each one in the guide below.

All Mount Armor in Diablo 4

Mount Armor in Diablo 4
Provided by Blizzard

The different kinds of Mount Armor are all split up when it comes to acquiring them. I will list the different ways to get Mount Armor and then put which specific Mount Armor can be acquired in those ways.

Purchased in-game

There are six different Mount Armors that can be purchased through the story or other events in Diablo 4. These include:

  • Bloody Warlord’s Barding (85,000 Red Dust in the Fields of Hatred at the Unconventional Mount Armor Vendor)
  • Brutal Wizard’s Barding (40,000 Red Dust)
  • Cruel Assassin’s Barding (40,000 Red Dust)
  • Dark Knight’s Barding (40,000 Red Dust)
  • Demonic Warlord’s Barding (85,000 Red Dust)
  • Sturdy Saddle (Purchased from a Stable Master, price will vary depending on your level)

Purchased via the Shop

Other Mount Armor is only accessible through buying certain bundles in the in-game Shop. These will, of course, cost real money. At the time of writing, there are eight Mount Armors available through the Shop.

  • Bloodfiend Advent (Bloodfiend Advent Mount Bundle – $10)
  • Brackish Fetch (Brackish Fetch Mount Bundle – $8)
  • Death’s Burden (Death’s Burden Mount Bundle – $8)
  • Equine Veil (Bloodsworn Hunter Bundle – $12)
  • Faithless Cage (Three-Fold Nightmare Bundle – $15)
  • Iron Cilice (Penitent Dragoon Bundle – $15)
  • Keras Bullion (The Weight of Gold Prestige Bundle – $16)
  • Transformation Drape (Arcane Means Bundle – $10)

Pre-Order and Editions

There are also a couple of Mount Armors you can only receive by either pre-ordering Diablo 4 or buying a special edition of the game.

  • Caparison of Faith (Pre-Order)
  • Hellborn Carapace Barding (Deluxe or Ultimate Edition)

Completing Challenges

A handful of Mount Armors can be solely obtained through completing in-game challenges in Diablo 4. These challenges are extremely time-consuming to complete, so you won’t see many players have their horses decked out with this armor.

  • Horadric Tack (Epic Adventurer challenge)
  • Lamplighter’s Tack (Nightmare Ally challenge)
  • Trade Consortium Tack (Estuar Wanderer challenge)
Diablo 4 mount armor
Provided by Blizzard

Random Drops

The largest section of Mount Armor in Diablo 4 comes from killing enemies or opening certain chests. This is all random luck, so don’t expect to get many of these Mount Armors very quickly.

  • Barding of Elemental Fury
  • Barding of Mount Arreat (Treasure Goblins)
  • Barding of Rathma
  • Barding of the Sightless Eye
  • Brigandine Barding
  • Elder Druid Barding
  • Hawezar Barding (Kill enemies in Hawezar)
  • Hawezar Tack (Kill enemies in Hawezar)
  • Kehjistani Barding (Kill enemies in Kehjistan)
  • Kehjistani Tack (Kill enemies in Kehjistan)
  • Lorath’s Barding
  • Old Blanket
  • Pale Barding (Kill enemies in Fractured Peaks)
  • Pale Tack (Kill enemies in Fractured Peaks)
  • Phantom Barding
  • Scosglen Barding (Kill enemies in Scosglen)
  • Scosglen Tack (Kill enemies in Scosglen)
  • Steppe Barding (Kill enemies in Dry Steppes)
  • Steppe Tack (Kill enemies in Dry Steppes)
  • Traveling Merchant’s Tack

World Boss Drops

Finally, the last couple of Mount Armors are only obtainable through killing certain World Bosses in Diablo 4. It’s not guaranteed for a Mount Armor to drop after killing one, though.

  • Ashava Barding (Kill Ashava)
  • Treasure Beast Barding (Kill Avarice)

For now, those are all of the known Mount Armors and how to get them in Diablo 4.

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