All Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Mastery Camos
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One of the new additions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the Zombies mode, which takes elements of DMZ and Outbreak and mashes them together to create an entirely new experience for fans. As a part of this new experience in Modern Warfare 3, Zombies players can unlock eight different Mastery Camos for their weapons.

There are four Mastery Camos for the new MW3 weapons as well as four Mastery Camos for the returning MW2 weapons in Zombies. I have already gone over how to unlock all of the Mastery Camos in Zombies in a previous guide, so check that out for a more in-depth look at the unlocking process.

Today, I’ll just be focusing on giving you a brief overview of the Mastery Camos for the MW3 weapons in Zombies so you can see if they’re worth the grind or not.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Mastery Camos

As previously stated, there are four different Mastery Camos you can unlock for the 37 MW3 weapons specifically in Zombies, and here they are:

  • Golden Enigma
Golden Engima camo. Image via Activision
  • Zircon Scale
Zircon Scale camo. Image via Activision
  • Serpentinite
Serpentinite camo. Image via Activision
  • Borealis
Borealis camo. Image via Activision

These camos look incredible, with Borealis especially popping out. Both Borealis and Serpentinite are animated camos as well, which should only make them look even cooler when they’re equipped on one of your weapons.

Whenever you unlock a new Mastery Camo for one of your weapons in Zombies, you can then head to multiplayer or even Warzone (come December) to equip it on one of your other MW3 weapons. It’s up to you to decide if the grind of unlocking the four Mastery Camos is worth it in Zombies, but just based on looks alone, I would say it’s worth the effort.

It should also be noted this does not include the list of Zombies Mastery Camos for the old MW2 weapons. Those camos can be earned in MW3 Zombies, but they are completely separate from the MW3 Mastery Camos.

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