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Marriage is a big commitment even in a game like Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. By Year Two, you have to find a potential life partner and there are eight singles to choose from in Forgotten Valley.

All of the singles in A Wonderful Life have different personalities and you’ll have to interact with them to figure out who you connect with the most. Here are all of the singles you can marry.


Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life: Matthew Romance Guide | The Nerd Stash

This moody bachelor is a bit creepy, especially when you learn more about his relationship with Cecilia. He is a bit, well, obsessed. If you can look past this, you may find his looks to make up for his personality.


This introvert is not keen on making friends and isn’t in the same place for long. But if you can get on her good side, you’ll see that she’s open to love with the right person.


Athletic and bold, Gordy is certainly a strong personality. He is known for punching metal into sculptures, which is pretty impressive. But Gordy can be a little stand-offish sometimes. If you can break through that tough exterior, though, you may find the man of your dreams.


How To Marry Lumina In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Luminia is on the shy side and she can come off a bit prim and polite when you first meet her. Still, she can’t hide her big crush on you. She is gifted at playing the piano and she will get mad at you if you try to talk to her while she’s practicing. But when she’s not in the zone, she is all ears.


This guy is a bit over-the-top with his bravado but it can win over the right person. He can come off a bit conceited and his ego can get in the way of common sense. But there’s some charm within Rock that can’t be denied and he will always make you laugh.


This former city girl moved to Forgotten Valley for a quieter life. She is a barista and can often be found socializing at various shops and eateries in town. She is very flirty and open about her feelings. Molly will often confide in you things she feels she can’t tell anyone else.


How to Romance Gustafa in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

If you’re looking for someone a bit more “off the beaten path,” you may want to start flirting with Gustafa in his yurt by the beach. Yep. Gustafa loves to play his guitar and look into the ocean — even a pond will do. He will write songs about you, which is a major plus.


Cecelia’s family owns a farm right across from you and she has a passion for animals and plants. Bubbly and smiley, Cecelia is a very positive presence and very supportive. You’ll always feel happy when you’re around her.