All loot changes coming to Warzone 2 Season 2
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The upcoming Season 2 update in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will change a plethora of features and mechanics that have been in the game at launch.

Essentially, developer Raven Software is making changes that were directly requested by the community. A large portion of the changes are related to looting, which has been quite a controversial feature thus far. Players will now be able to loot much more efficiently in Season 2 of Warzone 2 along with having the overall process streamlined.

If you’re looking for an entire list of all the changes that are coming to looting in Season 2, then look no further. Below, you can see every confirmed loot change that was included in the recent community blog post released by Activision.

Warzone 2 Season 2 loot changes

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 loot changes
Provided by Activision

In total, there are around five or six major changes coming to looting in Season 2. You can see them listed below:

  • Cash now drops in a minimum stack of $800 on the ground and $500 in cash registers (was $100 prior to Season 2)
  • When enemies are eliminated their loot will drop all over the ground instead of in their backpack (i.e. “vomit looting”)
  • Supply containers will also drop loot all over the ground
  • Every player starts out with the same backpack, and medium/large backpacks have been removed from the loot pool
  • Every player starts out with a 3-plate armor vest. No more armor vests are found in the loot pool

In terms of community feedback, this list of changes hits just about every request. Players were not fans of the current loot window menus that appear when looting a player’s body or supply container. They much prefer the system that Warzone 1 uses, which is referred to as “vomit looting.” Players should also be able to buy more items and weapons with the increased cash stack drops.

Finally, the removal of medium/large backpacks and 3-plate armor vests is terrific for the loot pool. No longer will players have to rely on finding those items to play the game the way they want to.

An additional blog post will arrive on Feb. 8, one week before Season 2, that should detail the changes coming to Warzone 2 in a more in-depth way.

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