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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet takes the player on an unconventional path to being the very best, offering three segments of story progression. One path through the game’s Treasure Hunt takes the player through the very familiar path of collecting the eight gym badges and challenging the Elite Four.

However, admission to the Elite Four isn’t quite guaranteed, as a surprise test will be waiting for players after they defeat Paldea’s eight Gym Leaders. Upon approaching the Pokémon League, the player will be greeted by Rika, the first of Paldea’s Elite Four. She will then escort you inside the building to a room with a desk and a singular chair. This is where your Champion Assessment begins, and the first stage is an interview that hinges on your knowledge of your journey thus far.

For those who weren’t paying close attention, here are all of the Elite Four Champion Assessment answers.

champion assessment answers
From The Pokemon Company

Elite Four Champion Assessment answers in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The Champion Assessment is by far the least forgiving assessment in the game — a single mistake will kick you out and make you start over. There are 10 questions in this interview-style test, with two of them not having an explicitly correct answer. Here are the questions and the correct choices for each one, with the correct answers bolded.

  • Question One: How did you get here today?
    • I walked
    • I rode my Pokémon
    • I came by Flying Taxi
    • All answers are correct
  • Question Two: Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in.
    • Manzana Academy
    • Naranja Academy (Scarlet)
    • Uva Academy (Violet)
  • Question Three: So what brings you to the Pokémon League today?
    • I came to catch Pokémon
    • I came to become Champion
    • Just for fun, I guess…
  • Question Four: Now, what do you intend to do if and when you do become a Champion?
    • I want to become even stronger
    • I want to battle Nemona
    • I want to find treasure
    • All answers are correct, but remember which answer you choose
  • Question Five: Tell me: which of the 8 Gyms gave you the most difficulty?
    • Any choice
  • Question Six: And what was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there?
    • Katy (Cortondo)
    • Brassius (Artazon)
    • Iono (Levincia) 
    • Kofu (Cascarrafa)
    • Larry (Medali)
    • Ryme (Montenevera)
    • Tulip (Alfornada)
    • Grusha (Glaseado)
  • Question Seven: But do you remember which type of Pokémon the Gym Leader used?
    • Bug (Katy) 
    • Grass (Brassius) 
    • Electric (Iono) 
    • Water (Kofu) 
    • Normal (Larry) 
    • Ghost (Ryme) 
    • Fairy (Tulip) 
    • Ice (Grusha) 
  • Question Eight: What was the category of the first Pokémon you chose to be your partner?
    • The Grass Cat Pokémon (if you picked Sprigatito)
    • The Fire Croc Pokémon (if you picked Fuecoco)
    • The Duckling Pokémon (if you picked Quaxly)
  • Question Nine: Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you do become a Champion?
    • Same answer chosen for Question Four
  • Question 10: Do you like Pokémon?
    • Yes
    • No

Eric Bartlett is a seasoned writer, player and content creator for Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.