All difficulty levels in Hogwarts Legacy explained
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Like most role-playing games in the modern era, Hogwarts Legacy features a number of difficulty levels that players can choose from before starting the game. These levels allow players to further customize their experience when playing. Naturally, if players want the most challenging experience, they should pick the hardest difficulty. On the flip side, players who just want to focus on exploration and the story, their pick is likely the easiest difficulty level.

However, some players might want a more in-depth explanation of the difficulty levels in Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to see all of the difficulty levels available to you in Hogwarts Legacy, check out the guide below.

Difficulty levels in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy difficulty levels
Provided by Warner Bros

There are four difficulty options in Hogwarts Legacy, and here are their names and descriptions straight from the game:

  • Story – A focus on story with minimal gameplay challenge
  • Easy – A light gameplay challenge
  • Normal – A moderate and balanced gameplay challenge
  • Hard – A demanding gameplay challenge

By default, the game will start you off with the Normal difficulty level, as this will suit most players who have played an RPG before. If this is your first RPG, though, you might want to start on the Story or Easy level to get accustomed to the combat.

If you’re truly split on what difficulty to pick, we recommend starting the game on Normal and seeing how the combat flows for you. If you feel it’s too easy, then bump it up to Hard. Alternatively, if you’re dying too much, lower the level by one or two. You are allowed to change your difficulty level at any point during Hogwarts Legacy, so feel free to mix and match with different options as you play.

You can change the difficulty by hitting pause, going to settings, clicking Gameplay, and then changing it from there. There is no impact on the game by switching difficulty levels, so don’t worry about story elements being changed based on what level you’re playing at.

However, there is one change that you might want to take advantage of when it comes to the difficulty level. On the Story level, you will always catch a beast 100% of the time, which is great if you’re hunting for Shiny Beasts or trying to fill up your Vivarium. You can simply switch to the Story level when hunting, catch your beasts, and then switch back if you want to expedite the process.

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