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Controller classes excel in making enemies fight on their own terms. They can hold strong positions by setting up near impenetrable fortresses for their team. The controller class only has one perk: to know the position of the next ring.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best controller legends in Apex Legends Revelry and rank them based on who gets the most out of their perk.

4. Rampart

Rampart Artwork in Apex Legends
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Rampart is arguably the weakest controller in the list because enemies can easily bypass her wall with a well-timed flank or thermite spam. While, technically, you can sit behind a closed area with minimal flank routes, chances are you’ll still be bombarded with enemy grenades. Engaging an enemy team is a nightmare with Rampart because her static walls and situations often change from time to time, making you abandon your protection. It’s a hard sell for us to rank her above any of the three controllers in the list.

3. Wattson

Wattson Artwork in Apex Legends
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Wattson excels more effectively when it comes to on-the-fly traps than Caustic. She plays similarly to Catalyst. What separates Wattson from Catalyst is Wattsons ability to charge her ultimate ability instantly.

With that said, Wattson doesn’t scale well with the perk ability of the following ring scan. Plus, she’s generally weak in open spaces, unlike Caustic or Catalyst. She’s still a good pick, don’t get us wrong, but when it comes to versatility in map control, Wattson is an inferior controller compared to the top two on the list.

2. Caustic

Caustic Artwork in Apex Legends
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Caustic’s most lethal weapon is his Nox Gas Traps. When stalking his prey, Caustic can trigger his gas trap and have his team ambush them due to their inability to sprint. With this ability, Caustic can easily control multiple positions within the ring.

His passive also allows him to see enemy players traveling through his gas traps, making him more lethal inside the smoke-filled chaos. Of course, Caustic has to set up his traps first, in which the next ring position is invaluable for Caustic players. If it wasn’t for Catalyst’s Barricade ability, Caustic would easily be the best controller with the highest pick rate in Apex Legends Revelry.

1. Catalyst

Provided by: Electronic Arts

Catalyst is the best pick in the controller class. Her passive literally makes it possible to heal without fear of having anyone barge into the doors. She excels in creating traps for enemies who are foolish enough to charge your team unprepared.

With the knowledge of the following ring position, Catalyst can conjure her trap and set up strategic plans to survive. We haven’t talked about her ultimate ability, one of the most valuable skills in-game. Her combined abilities and positioning are vital in being a controller, so she’s undoubtedly the best pick in Apex Legends Revelry.