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Today’s Warrior’s Den was quite the doozy, as teased from their previous stream. The team brought in some Assassin’s Creed developers who helped them work on a brand new event: For The Creed. This highly-ambitious crossover event is the first in For Honor history. The event starts today and goes until January 10th of next year. This event will have a special Dominion game mode, Creed-themed environments and assets, new unique weekly Arcade quests, and a ton of event-only loot. The mode recreates the Animus from the franchise, letting players relive battles that actually happened throughout AC history.

For The Creed new Dominion mode!

A special Assassin’s Creed event is out. This limited-time special event is only available until For The Creed ends. It’s based on For Honor’s most popular game mode – Dominion – with some extra perks to it. There is no fall damage in this mode, meaning players will be limited in their ledging options (sorry, Warlords) and will also be able to miss jump attacks without consequences.

Battle legendary Assassin’s Creed characters in the new Dominion special event mode.

This mode has another interesting mechanic to it. Every time a team’s minions capture the middle lane, an Assassin’s Creed character spawns as a commander for the other team. These NPCs function similarly to Breach’s Commanders in attacks and health. The team can then kill the Commander for 300 extra points. This adds an entirely new dynamic to classic Dominion mode and will require ample strategy to take advantage of.

New For The Creed atmosphere!

This event comes with a lot of atmospheric changes as well! In addition to specific maps having an Animus-themed effect to them, For Honor will have Assassin’s Creed music. There will be themed assets, new Hero effects/outfits, and custom AC-themed executions and emotes. Minions are different as well, with Viking minions now rockin’ pirate garb for example. There will also be new weapons – each from a different game in the franchise. Much of the new content can be acquired just from playing For Honor, however other content can be purchased with Steel in the Hero customization menu.

Players can style their Heroes in the fashion of previous Assassin’s Creed games with brand-new weapons. These can be acquired just from playing the game in any mode.

New weekly Arcade quests

There’s a new weekly Arcade quest for each week the event is live. These quests are based on different Assassin’s Creed titles, and will feature challenging themed situations against powerful NPC enemies. The first week’s event is based on Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The upcoming weeks have yet to be announced at the time of this writing, but will likely feature newer titles such as Unity and Origins. These quests offer a ton of rewards and a good chunk of XP, as well, making it a challenging option to level that Hero you’ve been wanting to ascend the ranks. Be careful, though – gear is a definite factor in Arcade mode, so an under-tier Hero will be at quite the disadvantage.

Assassin’s Creed-themed Arcade events will pit players against tough fights of the Creed persuasion.

Year Of The Harbinger is upon us

The Warrior’s Den also revealed a lot of information about Year 3 in For Honor: The Year Of The Harbinger. This year will come with four all-new Heroes, spread out among the four seasons of the year. The first season will see a Knight Hero with a serrated shield and sword (named ‘Vortiger’ – likely inspired by the ancient Anglo-Saxon ruler of the same name), with the second season releasing a Samurai Hero, brandishing a massive ax. Season 3 will reveal a new Viking Hero who wields a huge Warhammer (someone at Ubisoft totally watched that episode of Vikings with the Maul Berserker and no one will ever convince this writer otherwise), and the last season will release a new Wu Lin Hero with what appears to be a katana of some kind. While certain past Heroes have been gender-locked, every Hero in Year 3 can be both male and female.

The new Heroes – suspected to be ‘Heavy’ classes – will release at one per faction throughout year 3, giving players much to look forward to.

Smash or Year 3 Pass?

Year 3 officially begins Jan 31st, 2019. In addition to a seven-day early access to the new Heroes, purchasing the Year 3 Pass earns players one elite outfit per Hero, 30-day Champion Status, five loot crates, and an exclusive effect for every Hero in the game. Champion status is a 40% XP boost for the player, 20% XP boost for other players, more materials from dismantling, three exclusive emblems, and one exclusive icon. For Honor fans can purchase the Year 3 Pass on the Ubisoft Store for US$29.99.

For Honor Year 3 has a lot of exciting changes coming to the game. Will you join the battle next year? We’d love to hear about it.