AGO upsets OG in Katowice qualifier among valde's ping problems
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OG have been knocked out of IEM Katowice Open Qualifier in CSGO after losing to the Polish side, AGO. The loss is partly credited to Valdemar ‘valde’ Bjørn Vangså’s internet troubles, which resulted in high ping.

AGO upset OG in the quarterfinal

After OG entered the CSGO scene in late 2019, the hype around the squad was extremely high. The team, consisting of five top-tier talents, looked like a recipe for success. Unfortunately, OG have already been knocked out of the qualifer for IEM Katowice. The qualifier guarantees two spots for the closed qualifier for the ultimate event.

The squad was defeated by AGO on Inferno in swift fashion, 16-10, after an initial lead by AGO on their t-side, which resulted in an 11-4 half for the Poles. This was most likely the biggest upset of the qualifier, as the other top tier team at the event was North, which is still present in the qualifier. It’s a disappointing start to 2020 for the, supposedly, international all-star team.

Valde’s ping problems add to the pain

One of OG’s players, valde, took to Twitter to express his disappointment. Apparently, he had to switch to his “4G phone internet” because of ping troubles in the game. The qualifier took place online on ESEA servers, meaning that a stable internet connection was key to playing smoothly.

The Danish star did not blame his internet troubles for the loss. Despite that, it must have been annoying, and it may have caught him off-guard, affecting his play to some extent. What’s interesting is that valde performed the best in the matchup on Inferno. He was the only player on OG with a positive K-D ratio of 19-14 while his teammates lagged behind.

With many qualifiers – especially open ones – taking place online, a reliable internet connection is key to perform to the best of one’s ability. Whether OG’s loss is credited to valde’s troubles is up for debate, nevertheless.

What do you think of OG’s early exit from the qualifier? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. As always, remember to follow Daily Esports for all the latest CSGO news.