Ability Spam Strand Titan build guide for Destiny 2 Lightfall PvE
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Out of all the possibilities that Destiny 2 and its latest expansion Lightfall provide, one unique build revolves around new subclass Strand and the Titan class. When together and using the exotic armor chest piece known as the Heart of Inmost Light, you can form an unstoppable force in PvE. The exotic ability from HoIL allows you to use your abilities faster, and with a specific build and powerful Strand abilities, you have a great combination.

Here is a quick rundown of what you need to start using this ability spam build for Strand Titan.

Key items for the Ability Spam Strand Titan

As mentioned earlier, this whole build focuses on one particular exotic item: the Heart of Inmost Light.

Strand Titan Destiny 2
The Heart of Inmost Light exotic armor piece in Destiny 2. | Provided by Michael Czar.

The exotic perk for this item is that using any ability (grenade, melee or barricade) makes the other two empowered. When empowered, the abilities have faster regeneration, do more damage and for the barricade’s sake, have more health. When used in combat, you’ll see just how fast you can use your abilities one after the other. There won’t be much time where you’ll have none of the three available to use.

Alongside this, if you want to run the optimal version of this build, use the Quicksilver Storm exotic auto rifle. As a Strand kinetic weapon, you’ll be able to create a lot of Tangles to stack lots of buffs. This isn’t a mandatory pick, as you can run another Strand kinetic weapon in that slot for a similar but weaker effect.

Aspects and fragments

This is where the Strand subclass comes in.

As of Lightfall’s release, there are only two aspects available for Titans to choose from. Luckily enough, these two work well for this build, especially Into the Fray which offers Woven Mail. Essentially, whenever you destroy a Tangle that Strand kills can form, you can do damage to your enemies but also buff you and your teammates if they stand near the explosion. That buff, Woven Mail, gives you a high amount of damage resistance over around 10 seconds.

For Titans, there are plenty of options for your abilities but stick to Grapple as your grenade slot, Frenzied Blade as your Melee ability and Towering Barricade as your barricade ability.

Destiny 2 Strand Titan
A Strand Titan using his Super in Destiny 2 Lightfall. | Provided by Bungie.

As for fragments, it will take some time to build up the Strand Meditations and unlock them, but here is the list. To start, equip the Thread of Transmutation, which allows you to great Tangles with any weapon final blows when you have Woven Mail. Then, equip the Thread of Generation to allow you to build grenade energy when dealing damage. Next up is the Thread of Fury, which grants you melee energy when damaging enemies with a Tangle. Lastly, equip the Thread of Warding, which gives you Woven Mail when picking up an Orb of Power.

The theme of these fragments is generating ability energy and summoning Tangles for Woven Mail. This allows you to have your abilities up almost constantly with the empowered buffs of your exotic armor, alongside some great damage resistance from Woven Mail.

Seasonal perks, stats for the Ability Spam Strand Titan in Destiny 2

Seasonal perks are always useful, and here are the ones you need for this build.

From the season artifact in the Season of Defiance, one of the level 7 buffs is called Allied Unraveling. This allows for rapid final blows with Strand weapons to get Unraveling Rounds, a powerful buff for you and your allies. A bit lower down on the list is the Authorized Mods: Strand perk, allowing you to equip Strand mods on your gear for cheap. On top of powerful perks like Untangler and Threaded Blast, you will be doing a lot of Strand damage this season.

Then, for stats, you want to focus on Strength above all else. As your Frenzied Blade ability has multiple charges, you can get the stacking buff from the HoIL multiple times. Keeping that cooldown short will allow you to combo that with other abilities and always keep fast regeneration on them. Resilience will be your second focus, allowing you to tank more hits and become very strong with the Woven Mail damage resistance.

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