A travel guide to VALORANT's new map, Fracture
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A new Act is dawning on the world of VALORANT, which also means the opening of a brand new tourist destination. This coveted location is aptly named Fracturelikely due to the gigantic crack in the earth that threatens to one day consume us all. It’s a perfect vacation spot for the whole family.

So, I know you’re dying to find out – where are the most Instagram-worthy spots in Fracture? Which are the must-see attractions? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Entering Fracture

Once you’ve signed your legally binding NDA dictating that you will never ever disclose what you may see to any other living soul, not even your closest friends and family, you’ll be allowed to enter Fracture via our world-class, state-of-the-art Teleporter Terminal.

Teleporter Terminal (not part of the playable map) | Provided by Riot Games

After this, you should exit the terminal via the door on the left, where you will find your tour guide waiting for you at Attacker Side Spawn. Your tour guide is there to answer any questions you may have. Do not ask your tour guide any questions.

While waiting for the rest of your party to arrive, you may admire the lush natural beauty of the landscape contrasted against the harsh dry lifelessness of the other part of the landscape. Just take in that view. It’s a sight you’ll never forget.

The view of Fracture’s landscape | Provided by Riot Games

You’ll also be handed a fully labelled map of the area just in case you get lost, so you can always find your way back to where you started. We’ve reproduced a copy for you here.

Map of Fracture | Provided by Riot Games

Getting around VALORANT’s Fracture

Your primary mode of transportation around Fracture will be walking. Unless, of course, you have some sort of superpower that allows you to ride the wind, or break down your body matter and re-form it in a different location, or tear through space and time itself – but what are the odds of that?

There is one unique method of getting around in Fracture, though, and that’s the zipline that runs underneath the ground and over the lab’s central generator. It goes from Attacker Side Spawn to Attacker Side Bridge and vice versa. Fun fact: it was a big accident with this very generator that caused the earth to fragment! But try not to think about that as you’re zipping over it on a thin rope with no harness or protection.

Ziplines between attacker spawn sides | Provided by Riot Games

What’s above the generator, you ask? Well, that’s the Defender Side Spawn, where the energy from the generator gets pumped through. If you ever find yourself in here – which you probably won’t – just ignore all those flashing screens that say “warning” and other such nonsense. It’s not relevant to your Fracture experience.

Defender spawn | Provided by Riot Games

Fracture’s two halves

Fracture is what remains of the world-famous Everett-Linde Research Lab after that tiny oopsie with the generator. You might be wondering, what happened to Doctors Everett and Linde? Well, if their families don’t even know, then what makes you think you get to?

The generator split the lab clean in two and the two halves were labelled the Alpha Sector and the Omega Sector. Let’s talk about the Alpha Sector first.

Entrance to B side | Provided by Riot Games

Just inside the main entrance of Alpha Sector is B Tree, a lovely place to snap a quick picture. It’s a little overgrown on account of all the scientists having fled or been otherwise dealt with a long time ago, but there’s still a lot of charm here. It’s a nice place to stop and have a picnic.

B Tree | Provided by Riot Games

Past B Tree is the all-important B Site, where you’ll probably have to fight off other people for seating. There are plenty of boxes stacked around for you to duck behind if the sun gets too strong, and a nice little tower where you can watch the people coming in from the other side, via the Attacker Side Bridge.

B Site | Provided by Riot Games

The Omega Sector on the other side of Fracture is the polar opposite of the Alpha Sector. There is no greenery here. In fact, there’s not much of anything here. To be honest, it got the worse end of the deal when the facility collapsed – something that’s clear to see in the existence of A Dish, which is accessible via the Bridge side. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A giant satellite dish fell over and crashed right in the middle of the lab.

A Dish | Provided by Riot Games

Moving past the awe-inspiring satellite dish, you’ll come to a little outcropping known as A Drop. Once you slide off this little ledge (safely, of course), you’ll be squarely in A Site. The sun is stronger on this side of the labs, so part of the main site is hidden under an elevated floor. Some have described the experience of standing on that elevated floor as “heavenly.”

A Site | Provided by Riot Games

Once you’ve taken in all the sights and sounds of A Site, you can move through to A Hall, which borders the Teleporter Terminal where you arrived. The people who once worked here would walk through this hall day in and day out, gazing longingly through the double-glazed glass at the terminal which represented a freedom they would never enjoy.

A Hall | Provided by Riot Games

After exiting A Hall, you’ll find yourself right back where you started at the Attacker Side Spawn! That’s right – Fracture is just one big circle. You can roam wherever you please, because you know you’ll always find yourself back in the same place.

Thus concludes our travel guide to Fracture, the latest addition to the world of VALORANT. People are already clamoring at the gates to get in, so what are you waiting for? Book your ticket to the hottest attraction in town today. (Literally, it’s sweltering hot around here. Remember to bring a fan.)

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