A Season 4 teaser could be coming soon for Apex Legends
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Season 4 of Apex Legends is planned to release on Feb. 4, the one-year anniversary of the game’s launch. Up to this point, Respawn has done a good job at keeping the lid on most of the content for the upcoming season. While we’ve seen small leaks in the past, nothing major has broken. However, a known data-miner may now have given us an insight as to when we’ll see our first look at Season 4.

Event arriving soon in Apex Legends?

Though we have a general idea of what to expect for Season 4, no one knows exactly how Respawn will change things up. There’s sure to be a new Legend or two and some added attachments, weapons, etc. But what about the Worlds Edge map?

Introduced with Season 3, Worlds Edge has been fairly well-received. That said, most fans still prefer Kings Canyon. So, will Respawn be willing to make a drastic change to the map? According to leaks, that’s exactly what we could see come Season 4.

Data-miner @Shrugtal has made a personal habit of gathering leaks no one else has. With a specialty in Apex Legends, Shrugtal is rarely wrong when it comes to leaking information. In a new leak extracted from the protected memory of Apex Legends, we can see a new event is about to take place.

As we can see from the tweet, there’s a Worlds Edge event planned for this week. There are two phases, with the final phase ending on Feb. 11. However, there are also teasers for the event phases, which start tomorrow on Jan. 21. The time stamps next to the dates indicate we’ll see these teasers around 3:00 a.m. Easter time.

There’s no word from Shrugtal on the content of these teasers. However, it almost certainly relates to Season 4 and the event that will go along with it. If these leaks are correct, we should see some kind of teaser tomorrow.

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