A beginner's guide to Temtem's types & Temtem Type Chart
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One of the most challenging aspects of Temtem is how the types work. The game has a total of 12 different types available, and each creature can have up to two of them. Moves, however, are limited to only one type at this point. The reason learning Temtem types is so important is the serious difficulty of the game. Unlike in Pokémon, you can’t simply brute-force your way through the game using one or two strong Temtem.

What types exist in Temtem

  • Neutral
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Earth
  • Mental
  • Wind
  • Digital
  • Melee
  • Crystal
  • Toxic

Most of the types available in Temtem are comparable to the types many will be familiar with in the Pokémon games. Because of this, most of the type-advantages will be quite self-explanatory. However, there are two types that I had trouble understanding at first. The two that aren’t inherently clear are the Digital and Crystal types.

Digital and Crystal Types

Digital Type Temtem
Image by Temtem Wiki.

Digital, in Temtem, is a type currently limited to only two Temtem: Oree and its evolution, Zaobian. These are also the only Temtem with Digital-type moves. One character trait of Digital is that no Temtem type can resist their attacks.

Digital Temtem are artificially created, according to Temtem‘s lore, in the high-tech labs of Nanto. These labs are located on the island of Cipanku, a region that is not yet available in the Temtem early access game. For now, the only time that Digital Temtem show up is when you fight your rival at the start of the game.

Crystal Type Temtem
Image by Temtem Wiki.

The Crystal type, on the other hand, originates from the Mines of Quetzal on the island of Tucma. Crystal typing is available at many points throughout the game. Even one of your starter Temtem, Crystle, has this typing.

Crystal is very weak to Fire, Earth, and Melee-type attacks. However, it is strong against Electric, Mental, and Toxic-type moves.

The Temtem type chart

Temtem Type Chart

The best way to learn to understand how typing works, if you are not familiar with other collectible monster games, is by using the Temtem type chart. The Temtem Kickstarter team created this type chart over a year ago, and the type-advantages have not changed since.

The other option to understand how your moves work against opponents is by completing your Tempedia. If the data of a Temtem is collected in the Tempedia, all moves used against that Temtem in future battles will have an indicator of their effectiveness. One of the end-game challenges currently available is completing the Tempedia – at least, as much as you can right now.

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