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Breeding in Temtem is one of the most critical aspects of the game, but it can prove quite daunting to get started. Unlike in other collectible monster games, your creatures cannot breed an infinite amount of times. The genetic degradation value introduced with Temtem makes the breeding system much more complicated than those of any other game in the genre.

How breeding works in Temtem

In many ways, breeding in Temtem is similar to what you’re likely familiar with from Pokémon. You bring two Temtem to the Temtem Breeding Center, which works the same as the Daycare in Pokémon games. These Temtem must be male and female and share one trait among them. For example, Loali and Zephyruff both have the “Wind” trait. Because of this, the Breeding Center considers these Temtem compatible and will accept them into the center.

Temtem Breeding

The SVs, or Starter Values, of a new Temtem are inherited from the parents. When selecting two Temtem to breed, the breeding screen will open, as pictured above. The top two Temtem are the ones you own, with the third Temtem showing what Starter Values the offspring could obtain. Each of the offspring’s starter values is either inherited from the female, the male, or the average of both parents.

Do note that it’s possible to obtain the Luma version of a Temtem through Breeding. However, the chance of this is infrequent – a 1/6000 chance. Luma is Temtem‘s version of Shiny Pokémon. A Luma Temtem has a different color scheme; besides this, Luma Temtem are guaranteed to have three or more SVs of 50.

Pairing different Temtem

As breeding in Temtem works based on the Traits, it is possible to mate two different Temtem with each other. It’s similar to breeding in Pokémon, where different creatures can mate if they belong to the same egg group. Just note that, in the case of Temtem, the offspring will always be the same Temtem as the Female parent.

Egg Move Temtem

Breeding Movesets

Most Temtem available in the current version of the game have the option to obtain one or more moves through the breeding process. Unlike in Pokémon, these “Egg moves” are much easier to obtain. In Temtem, egg moves do not require held items to achieve. Even so, egg moves can be incredibly powerful.

For example, one Temtem that benefits greatly from an egg move is Valash. Valash is a Neutral and Crystal type, and it has the option to learn the move Ninja Jutsu through the breeding process. What makes Ninja Jutsu so strong is the move’s stage 4 priority. At stage 4, this move always goes before any other move in battle. Not only that, but its strength is on par with Held Anger, the most potent move Valash can learn naturally at level 48. But Held Anger is a priority 1 move, which is the slowest in battle.

Priority is not as much of a concern during your first play-through. However, in the post-game, understanding priority can prove vital to success in Trainer Battles. While the Speed value impacts who acts first to a degree, a higher priority move could make the difference between winning and losing a match.

Unique Temtem obtained through Breeding

In the current build of the game, no unique Temtem are available through the breeding process. However, the storyline of Temtem hints towards new “Digital” Temtem coming in the future. These new, breeding-only Temtem likely won’t arrive for some time, but they are no doubt coming.

Do note that the breeding system in Temtem works on a time-passed basis. In other games, such as Pokémon, the breeding system tracks the steps your character takes instead.

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