9 Facts and figures going into the FIFA eNations Cup
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This Saturday we will see the kickoff of the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup in London, England. The tournament will feature a star-studded entry list with rivalries from both the real and virtual pitch. Several countries will be seeking to write their name in the history books.

Even before the first football is kicked, the tournament has generated a variety of different figures and trivia. Here are nine interesting ones that you can share with your friends.


Four reigning or former FIFA eClub World Cup Champions make an appearance in the FIFA eNations Cup: England and Argentina each have a reigning FIFA eClub World Cup Champion in their teams. The Danish duo consists of two former FIFA eClub World Cup Champions. Marcus “Marcuzo” Jørgensen was victorious in the first ever version of the tournament for Brondby IF. Fatih “Ustun” Üstün teamed up with him a year later in what became a historic double for the club.


The top two players in the Global Series rankings will be at the FIFA eNations Cup. Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt is turning out for England, while Nicolas “Nicolas99FC” Villalba is representing Argentina. They are among the most dominant figures in eFootball history.


Twenty countries from all six different FIFA confederations are taking part in the FIFA eNations Cup.


Five previous Grand Finalists are taking part in the tournament. They are some of the most consistent players and have demonstrated their skills time and time again. Each has qualified for the FIFA eWorld Cup on two occasions: Five previous appearances for Giuseppe “GGGodfather” Guastella; two previous appearances for Michael “MegaBit” Bittner, Mohammed ‘Moauba’ Harkous, Ivan “BorasLegend” Lapanje, and Dani “Dani” Hagebeuk.

Fifa eNations Cup 2019 Giuseppe “GGGodfather” Guastella
Giuseppe “GGGodfather” Guastella


Three former eFootball world champions will be making the journey to London to be a part in the tournament: August “Agge” Rosenmeier is a replacement player for Denmark. Alfonso Ramos, a two-time world champion already, is coach of the Spanish team, while the current world champion Mossad “MSDOSSARY7” Aldossary is the star of the Saudi Arabian team looking to take home the title.


There are 10 players that are taking part in the FIFA eNations Cup who are currently in the top 10 of the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings. What this means is that half of all the players in the Xbox One or PS4 top 10s will be making the journey to London.


Two players that are FUT Champions Cup veterans will be the favorites at the eNations Cup. Between them they have won seven Champions Cup titles; F2Tekkz for England has four and MSDOSSARY7 for Saudi Arabia has three. The pair faced each other before at the FUT Champions Cup in April, and now they will also get to face one another at the FIFA eNations Cup in Group A. The tournament will provide the next chapter in the rivalry between the Englishman and the Saudi Arabian. Watch this space.


Once the FIFA eNations Cup concludes, there will be no more major tournaments before the playoffs. The London-based tournament will be the last one in the FIFA 19 Global Series on the path to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. A huge 1,500 Global Series Points will be awarded to the two winners, making this the last opportunity to earn a place in the playoffs.


The FIFA eNations Cup is the second most important in a series of three majors in the FIFA 19 Global Series. First in the series is the FIFA eClub World Cup that was hosted in February. Without a doubt, the highlight of the FIFA 19 calendar though is the FIFA eWorld Cup. This starts towards the end of this year and will be the most heated yet.


So there you have it, nine interesting facts and figures regarding the FIFA eNations Cup, the first of its kind. If you’re looking to watch, then it will be streamed from 9:00 BST Saturday live on Twitch, meaning you’ll be able to follow your favorite country as soon as the action starts.