8-year-old's Chicken Trooper Fortnite skin comes to life - Upcomer
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After a dad made a plea on Reddit earlier this year for Epic Games to include his 8-year-old son Connor’s Fortnite skin design, Epic made it a reality. This skin went live this Thanksgiving. That is probably the coolest gift any kid could get.


Previously in September, Connor’s dad had headed to Reddit under the username of tfoust10 and asked Epic Games to make his son’s “Chicken Trooper” design an official skin. His dad admitted that his artistic skills were quite lacking, so he drew a quick sketch of the concept. His post actually got 40,000 upvotes and another user who is an artist drew a legit version of the concept for the father. Epic ended up using that user’s design for what you see now in the Item Shop and even asked permission and paid him for it. The name, however, was changed to Tender Defender. It’s truly heartwarming to see the Fortnite community come together to try and get this design brought to life.

The cutest moment of the whole reveal comes in the video below when Connor’s dad shows him his design that went live in the shop right as Thanksgiving hit. The look on Connor’s face is one of pure joy and shock as his dad had to keep the whole thing from him a secret until the big reveal.

I love how Connor exclaims, “We’re buying it! We’re buying it!” while the rest of his family are in shock that his creation actually made it into the game. FYI, the skin will set you back $25.00 USD. How many kids can boast that their design is now in one of the biggest games out there? With the holiday season upon us, what a great way for Epic Games to show their giving spirit to one of their younger players and his family. Hopefully, Connor enjoys playing as Tender Defender for many Fortnite Battle Royale sessions to come.