5 ability tips for Gekko, the latest agent in VALORANT
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With the latest agent in VALORANT, Gekko, fans of Riot’s colorful shooter are looking to learn how to use his dynamic abilities.

When it comes to comparable agents in the game, Gekko has the controllable creatures of Skye but the explosiveness of Raze. All of Gekko’s abilities do take some time to get used to. But, with some quick advice, you’ll be using them to win in VALORANT. here are five ability tips for Gekko.

Dizzy can go over walls

When it comes to all of the abilities Gekko provides, his signature ability Dizzy might need some tips to get used right in VALORANT. It acts like most other flashes in the game, but glides in the air and shoots a blue spot on enemies’ screens. It can be shot down and does have a slight delay between peaking around a corner and hitting its targets.

Gekko’s signature ability, Dizzy. | Provided by Riot Games.

But, where Dizzy can be really useful is how high you can throw it. As a flash that is thrown like a KAY/O grenade but floats, you can very easily throw it over a wall to get information or to flash for your teammates. There are a lot of spaces where this can surprise enemies, most notably through the window on Ascent attack on B site and over the wall on Haven A site.

As the cherry on top, if you or a teammate can swing with Dizzy, even if the enemies don’t try to fight, you can find out where they are directionally from where Dizzy shoots his blinds.

Thrash is really good for post-plant

Gekko is a great agent for 1v1s, thanks to a lot of aspects of his kit. Much like Brimstone or Sova, you can use his ultimate ability to secure a bomb explosion if used right. Thrash can be used in a ton of ways, especially with how powerful the detain status is. However, after using your Wingman to plant on-site, using Thrash to stop enemies from defusing is really easy and useful.

For example, playing Gekko on the attack side of Icebox can lead to interesting post-plant situations. If you plant to overlook the spike from your spawn’s side, you can easily hide, hold an angle, and then use your ultimate when they first start defusing the spike. Thrash can give you information if they’re faking it, and if they don’t shoot it down, they can get detained. The enemies who are hit can’t defuse spike while detained for that five-second span, either leading to an easy kill, and easier fight or an impossible defuse.

Use Mosh Pit with other abilities to gain value

Out of all the grenade-like abilities in VALORANT, Gekko and his Mosh Pit has the highest potential damage. While it only slows to start, if an enemy stays in the area, it can essentially one-shot them. So, when used by itself, enemies have to leave the area or wait for it to disappear.

Mosh Pit Gekko VALORANT
Gekko’s grenade ability, Mosh Pit. | Provided by Riot Games.

However, there are two abilities that teammates can provide that make it very strong. The first are smokes, as placing a Mosh Pit after a smoke can make enemies walk into it without knowing. The second is Fade’s Seize, which can lock people in a specific spot for a couple of seconds. Hit the Seize alongside the Mosh Pit for a guaranteed kill.

Don’t focus on Wingman’s cuteness planting and defusing

We all know one of the coolest abilities that Gekko has is his Wingman. So cool, in fact, that a lot of people are using Wingman to plant despite the fact that they don’t need to. People tend to forget what Wingman can provide, as a Boom Bot that can concuss enemies in a small area.

Sometimes, using Wingman to clear an area is better than giving him the spike or telling him to defuse.

Don’t forget to pick up abilities if the area is clear

Another unique thing that Gekko provides in VALORANT is using powerful abilities multiple times in a round. When using any ability other than Mosh Pit, after it is used, it can be retrieved like an ultimate orb. This will give the ability a cooldown and second use. This includes Thrash, allowing Gekko to use his ultimate twice in a round if he can retrieve it in time.

Where this feature gets the most use is his signature ability Dizzy. Using that twice can help clear space, especially since open areas can allow for easy retrieval.

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