3 games similar to Dark and Darker — gameplay, genre, and more
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A game climbing in streaming and gaming numbers, the early-access game Dark and Darker is focused on a unique gameplay experience. A multiplayer survival game with fantasy elements, Dark and Darker is old-school in looks but new-school in design.

For people interested in playing more games like this, here are five games similar to Dark and Darker. Maybe with these comparisons, you can get a better idea if you’ll enjoy this new game.

Escape from Tarkov

The first element of this game is very similar to another unique one popular right now: Escape from Tarkov. Lots of current survival games are battle royales: focusing on players surviving to be the last ones standing, Escape from Tarkov is more focused on pure survival in a big multiplayer lobby. Instead of trying to be the last one alive, the goal is simply to escape. This can lead to plenty of victors, escaping from Tarkov to live another day.

This is where Dark and Darker is similar. Dark and Darker isn’t focused on being the last one standing — it’s focused on getting out of the depths of a dangerous fantasy dungeon. Other players can help or hinder you on your path to an escape.


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When it comes to pure gameplay, it’s hard not to compare Dark and Darker to Skyrim. Not only are they both fantasy games, but the gameplay is very similar. Despite Dark and Darker having class types, wielding weapons and shields to their own benefit is very similar to the weapon gameplay in Skyrim.

The key difference between the two has to be accuracy and movement. Both blocking and attacking are both more accurate in Dark and Darker, with accurate hits and blocks crucial to survival.

Sea of Thieves

While a weird comparison to think of, the other true PvPvE game on the market alongside Dark and Darker is Sea of Thieves. Both games have both other online players and AI-controlled enemies that players have to get used to. Dark and Darker doesn’t only have other players whittling your way to a portal to escape, they also have tons of ghosts, ghouls and skeletons to slow you down or kill you outright.

Where Sea of Thieves is mostly focused on other pirates, there’s a myriad of other players from rogues to mages and fighters that are also trying to get out of the dungeons in Dark and Darker.

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