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100 Thieves announced a collaboration with popular app company MSCHF last week via Twitter. The original post gave little insight as to what might be in store but was hyped, nonetheless. MSCHF is a company that does collaborative work on several different things. They recently blew up for the collaboration with Mr. Beast on the Finger on the App game. MSCHF has also collaborated with popular hypebeast brands and even made the famous “Jesus” shoes.

On August 24 at 8 am PT, 100 Thieves revealed their collaboration with MSCHF in the form of a game called “Dino Sword.” The game is based heavily on the popular offline game that can be activated when turning your Wi-Fi off and getting on Google. In Dino Swords, your goal is to collect weapons and jump over various objects to achieve a high score. While this concept sounds a little dull, 100 Thieves made it interesting by including big prizes. After a week prizes will be awarded to the top ten scores achieved through playing Dino Swords.

First place will receive an exclusive 100 Thieves video feature, the full collection of their next apparel drop, an exclusive Dino Swords prize, and a custom 100 Thieves jersey. Second through fifth place will receive an exclusive Dino Sword prize, jersey, and some apparel. Sixth through tenth place will receive a 100 Thieves jersey.

100 Thieves x MSCHF backlash

100 thieves x MSCHF

Only minutes after the game was first released, players began climbing their way to the top using cheats. These cheats only continued to snowball until the entire top of the leaderboard became full of them. Many fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns over the competitive integrity of the game with such high stakes. There are basic cheats out there that most anyone can use to beat the game since it is a direct comparison to the offline Google version. While some scores have been removed from the leaderboard, a lot of suspicious scores remain.

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